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Opposition in Bahrain
Opposition groups
Ahrar albahrain

The organizational arm of the Shi'i opposition in Bahrain that is best known in the West is the Bahrain Freedom Movement. It is located in London and headed by Mansour al-Jamri, the son of Shi'i religious leaders Abd al-Amir al-Jamri whom the Bahraini regime jailed in early 1996 and whom it still holds.  In Arabic the group's name is the Islamic Liberation Movement of Bahrain (harakat ahrar al-bahrayn al-'islamiyya). They publish a monthly newsletter in Arabic and English entitled "Voice of Bahrain" (the Arabic version is subtitled: "The voice of the Islamic movement in Bahrain"), and are very active in disseminating high-quality information via e-mail and the Internet. In neither its English nor its Arabic publications has the Bahrain Freedom Movement advocated the violent overthrow of the government or the establishment of an Islamic republic in Bahrain. Its constant stress is the restoration of the Bahraini constitution and the elected parliament. The Bahraini government recently escalated its campaign against the BFM by issuing an arrest warrant for Mansour al-Jamri.

The Islamic Front for the Liberation of Bahrain, headquartered in Iran from the early days of the Iranian Revolution, is seen as the group behind the abortive 1981 coup attempt in Bahrain. It still functions, occasionally issuing joint statements with the BFM but maintaining its own organizational autonomy. Unlike the BFM, it does not shy away from calling for a change of regime in Manama. It is difficult to tell, in the closed political atmosphere of Bahrain, which of these two groups more accurately reflects the sentiments of Bahrain's Shi'i majority (the best recent account of Bahraini opposition politics is Bahry 1997).

The Muslim Brotherhood operates in Bahrain, and one of the foremost public figures calling for the restoration of constitutional government in Bahrain in the immediate post-Gulf War period was a Sunni 'alim who seemed to be close to the Brotherhood ideological line. However, it has not allied itself in a public way with the Shi'i groups mentioned above.

Below is a listing of the opposition groups of Bahrain:

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الحركة/ تنظيم

من نحن (التوجه)

جاء تأسيس حركة أحرار البحرين في العام 1982، إثر حوارات ومراجعات لأهداف وأساليب العمل السياسي الذي اتبعته الحركات السياسية الاسلامية الأخرى على الساحة البحرينية. فقد كانت هناك وجهة النظر القائلة بضرورة عقلنة الأهداف والوسائل وبحرنة النشاط السياسي. ولعل الحديث عن "بحرنة" النشاط ليس أمرا معتادا، ولكن الواقع الذي عاشته الساحة البحرينية كان يقول بأن الحركات السياسية (وهذا ينطبق على الحركة غير الإسلامية أيضا)، كانت دائما تدور في إطار سياسية أكبر منها خارج البحرين. بمعنى، أن الأهداف والوسائل يتم تحديدها عبر أطر أوسع من الدائرة البحرينية. لقد كانت أكثر الحركات ترى نفسها "قائدة" للمجتمع على أساس فكري "شامل"، لكل شؤون المجتمع، وبتركيبة "مركزية" صارمة تعتمد على الهرمية والسرية في العمل. لقد كان واضحا أن مجتمع البحرين له خصوصيته التي تتطلب نشاطا سياسيا ملائما له

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حركة أحرار البحرين الإسلامية


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