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Opposition in Kuwait
Opposition groups


Unlike Islamic opposition groups in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the Kuwaiti political tendencies make little if any effort to appeal to people outside of Kuwait. Able to operate openly and contest for parliamentary seats at home, they see little reason to try to mobilize international opinion to pressure the Kuwaiti government. All play within the rules of the system, accepting the rule of the Al Sabah as long as the family for its part respects the Constitution. None calls for the end of the strong security link forged between Kuwait and the United States during the Gulf War, both out of conviction of the need for US support against Iraq and because such a stand would be a sure vote-loser at the polls.

During the Iran-Iraq War, more violent Shi'i opposition manifested itself. It was undoubtedly tied to and encouraged by the Iranian government, which was seeking to punish Kuwait for its support for Iraq during that war. Since the end of that war and the restoration of good relations between the Kuwaiti and Iranian governments, there have been no acts of violence against the Kuwaiti regime from domestic Shi'i opposition groups.

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